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New Sign in form - Geegain Accounts

New Sign in form

It’s been two and a half month since we wrote the last post and today, we’ve updated Geegain Accounts, an important part of Geegain, to let our users use Geegain easier than before.

First of all, we’ve changed the interface of some pages and it includes the Sign in page, Sign up page and the Password change page. We believe that the new look is better than the old one.

For home-users that are using Geegain from their personal computers, it’s awful to sign in every time you access Geegain right? That’s why we add the ‘Keep me signed in’ option which keeps you signed in to Geegain all the time (till you Sign out of course). Great right? It will surely feel you happy. All you have to do is just check the ‘Keep me signed in’ checkbox when you sign in.

And also, before the update, the session was active for two hours. But now, we’ve reduced it to one hour. That means, when you sign in, you will be signed out automatically after 1 hour.

(For nerds: When a user sign in without checking the ‘Keep me signed in’ checkbox, the cookie that we store on the user’s computer will set to expire after 1 hour. If the options was checked, it will set to expire after 365 days.)

Finally, we have changed the way of changing the existing password of a Geegain Account (if you forgot the password). We didn’t ask the Secret Code before but from now on, you must provide the Secret Code to change the password of your account. If you do not remember your Secret Code, go to your Account Details and change it right away. You may also write it somewhere else. (on the wall of your bedroom, under you bed, who knows :P )

That’s all for now. Bye and have a nice day!…

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